Available Only at VerseAll.com

Available Only at VerseAll.com

VerseAll has put together a 10 track instrumental beat tape entitled “#TheThrowAwayBeatTape” set to be released tomorow, 9/29/2014, exclusively through VerseAll.com. The purpose for this project is to introduce recording artist and music lovers to the VerseAll sound. This project is also free to download at verseall.com and all recording artist have permission to use these tracks for their future projects. Also be on the lookout for “Crossing Borders” set to be released later in the year. Checkout the two tracks below off of the #ThrowAwayBeatTape and also go to VerseAll.com to download the entire 10 track project.

  1. Jim H says:

    Hey VerseAll,

    This is great stuff, I’ve had your beats playing all day while I’ve been jamming along with my guitar. Looking forward to catching Crossing Borders when it drops…

  2. NinjaBeats says:

    Like your style. Combination between sampling and vst instruments and synth.

  3. roddy says:

    New to the site. Looks good

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