The Akai MPC 2.0 Software is now availae for MPC Touch and Live owners. I was a bit disappointed to find out that the MPC Studio (Black) wasn’t included as advertised prior this update. However, their will be an update of the 2.0 in the near future for MPC Ren and Studio owners. Until then, let’s keep working with what we have, for now.


I am happy to announce to the world that I am officially a proud owner of an Akai MPC drum machine. For my first MPC purchase, I chose the MPC Studio (Black Edition). With so many options to choose from, and with the arrival of the MPC Live and The MPC X, I chose what I felt was the best option for me.
The MPC studio is software based, which means that in order to use it, you’ll need to connect it to a computer or a laptop. It is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to travel with you when you’re feeling the mood to make beats in the park, cafe, plane, etc.

The price of the MPC Studio is reasonably affordable for those of you looking to buy an Akai MPC Drum Machine for the first time.

Included with the MPC Studio, you get the full version of the MPC software, one USB cable, and two Midi cables.

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Happy Birthday Timbaland

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Pace iLok is a dongle key that is used to store licenses to software that you’ve purchased off- and online. It is the size of a USB and works similar to a USB thumb drive.  It works on your computer desktop or laptop.

In recent years, I received a free iLok 2nd generation key with a purchase of subscribing to a company that would allow me use of their top of the line plugins for a monthly fee. All subsciption payments were collected by a third-party website. As time went on, I decided to cancel my subscription and make small purchases of the plugins that I liked from various companies.

Now here is where the problem occurs:

When I tried storing my newly purchased licenses to my iLok key, I was denied access because the iLok message stated that the iLok was in use by another user. Another user? How can that be, I asked myself? I searched the Internet for solutions, and even called and emailed the companies directly; only to receive no luck in the resolution of the problem.
I even thought about purchasing a new iLok, which would have cost me $49.00 dollars in-store or online. Thank goodness that I finally solved my problem!

The Solution:

So, the solution to the problem I was having was quite simple.  However, it was a long journey to solving the problem. Remember when I told you that all of the monthly fees are collected by a third-party website? Well, when you first purchase your subscription and choose the option to include the free iLok, the third-party website creates an account for you at under your email address; The same email address that you used when making the original purchase. Your email address is your user name also.

Here are the steps to gaining access to retrieve control of your iLok key:

Step 1: Go to website and click Login.

Step 2: Once you have reached the login page, choose the option that reads “Forgot Password.” Type in the email address that you used when you made the subscription purchase.

Step 3: Once you receive the email from, open it and click on the link that reads,”reset password.” After you have successfully reset your password, log into the website (make sure that you have your iLok key inserted into your USB port from a desktop or laptop).

Step 4: You should now have full access to your iLok key!!! You can now activate or deactivate any licenses you have.

Bonus: If you already have an iLok account prior to the newly created account by the third-party website, you can scroll down to find the permission of the third-party website on your account and grant them no permission. After you do that, you can click on your iLok, listed in the sidebar and deactivate your subsciption (if you are no longer subscibed). Log off. Lastly, log in but under your user name that you originally created and reactivate your iLok. You should have successfully done so, and will now be able to control your licenses.

Happy Birthday Lord Finesse

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Happy Birthday Dr. Dre

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Do you know, Roger Linn?

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Roger Linn, known as the first person to create a drum machine that uses digital sampling is the co-founder of Linn Electronics along with his partner Alex Moffett. His first drum machine was the LM 1, released in 1979. Later, Linn joined forces with Akai to help create the MPC-60. It’s release date was in 1988. In 1994, Akai would release the MPC 3000. This would be the last collaboration with Akai and Roger Linn.

The Akai MPC is short for Midi Production Center. It is the most common piece of equipment used by music producers of most genres, but made popular by hip-hop producers.

Today, the Akai MPC is still defining the world of drum machines with cutting edge designs and features, keeping the competition on their toes.
Although Roger Linn has since departed ways with Akai, he is still actively creating new innovative products. In 2001, Roger founded The Roger Linn Design company (RLD); which specializes in creating guitar pedals, most notably the AdrenaLinn series.