Hip-Hop Producer and blogger VerseAll, has been hard at work finishing up a series of music projects set to be released starting this summer. Of the four released instrumental LP’s, VerseAll has began to drop a free Beat Tape entitled #TheThrowAway. This free beat tape can be downloaded for limited time only at and very soon will be available at #TheThrowAway will consist of 8 unreleased instrumentals, and remixes. Following in the series of new releases will be Crossing Borders, a 14 track instrumental LP set to be released on iTunes, GooglePlay for Android devices, & etc.

  1. bigsyn says:

    You have wonderful music inside of you. Keep blessing the world. The production is off the hook and it makes you want to write. My wife and I have been making music for some years now and we are always happy to find great music on the web. Keep giving those good frequencies.
    Music Blog

  2. I just discovered your blog and I’m really digging this beat. The drums you’re using sound so raw and dope. I like the different stabs that are in there too! Good stuff bro.

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