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Various Brands Of Headphones.

Various Brands Of Headphones.

Whether you are a beat maker-producer, DJ, or a sound engineer, we are all in search of the same thing, “a perfect pair of headphones”. A good quality pair of headphones can do a lot for the final outcome of your musical project. How do you know what a good pair of headphones sound like? Well the answer to that question is that it’s all in your ears! You’ll know when you have a good pair of headphones from the difference in quality and sound coming from out of your headphones.

Beats By Dre Headphones are one of the leading brands for quality sound.

Beats By Dre Headphones are one of the leading brands for quality sound.

In a perfect pair of headphones, bass, hi-Fi, and lo-fi would be heard with more clarity and better built for a longer life span plus will cost more than your typical or average pair of headphones.

Red Wave DJ Headphones By Numark

Red Wave DJ Headphones By Numark

An average pair of headphones are usually less expensive and if you’re lucky enough , you’ll get close to the same quality of the more expensive headphones. However, you will usually get a good sounding bass but lose either your hi’s or lo’s and sometimes both.

Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy Headphones

If you are looking to purchase an in-expensive pair of headphones, it will be more than likely that you will get an in-expensive sound. Although you might get a really cool looking pair of headphones for less money, you will get just that, “a really cool looking pair of headphones”. Cheaper headphones are not built to last and definitely will not give you that quality sound that you’re looking for, when trying to mixdown your projects. Bass, hi’s, and lo’s will all give you a muffled sound because the frequencies are all fighting to be the dominant sound in your headphones.

So if you’re a student of music engineering, a newly inspired beatmaker-producer, or a dj, I would suggest staying away from wasting your money on the less expensive headphones and just save up to purchase a pair of headphones that will give you exactly what you need to get started on that road to becoming the best in your profession, and that would be a good quality pair of headphones.



It was the year 2004 when I was first introduced to Fonk-C. We were both at a show in Alexandria Va. to perform that evening along with a host of other artist. I remember the energy coming from Fonk and his crew as they bounced around the stage to a funk based sound track of absolute rhythm.
A year later, I would purchase a cd from then, Culture Cypha group member Enoch 7th Prophet, who had collaborated with Fonk-C for his solo EP entitled “Tone Scientizt”. Fonk’s prouction gives you a bit of an abstract vibe, mixed with a little boom bap, and a blend of southern crunkness to make it all complete. Beatmakers, Producers, and Music Lovers, meet Fonk-C!

INST: Let the world know who you are and where you’re from?

El-Ra: El-Ra Is Fonk-C from Augusta Georgia, living In Hollywood California.

INST: Who are some of the artist you’ve worked with and how long have been producing?

El-Ra: I’ve worked with Eastern Standard, Clutch Brady, B-Ez, K-Dubya, Enoch 7th Prophet, Freedom Black, Jappa, Ed O.G. , JoeNice , Sun-God, Goddess Lyric From Bad Girls Club, F.Durty, SpaceJamShawty, to name a few:
Making Beats / Producing Since 1995 Professionally.

I’ve Recorded at Patchwerk Studio (ATL), Grand Hustle Studio (ATL), Dobbler Studio (ATL), I Zoom Studio (Augusta/Atlanta).

INST: Can you tell us what type of equipment and software you are using?



INST: How did you first get started creating beats?


El-Ra: I started making beats because I’m a DJ first. After Dj’ing for a while and learning how to count bars and matching BPM’s, that made me want to become a Producer!

INST: Do you use or prefer sampling over playing live instruments?

El-Ra: I use samples and I also play live.

INST: Who influenced your style?

El-Ra: DJ Premier, Q-Tip, DJ Magic Mike, 2LiveCrew, Rza, Erick Sermon, DJ Quik, Dr.Dre, James Brown, Russ Rock, and Russell Turner.

INST: Do you ever see yourself quitting or retiring from beat making?

El-Ra: I retired last year. You have to balance life and work or else you won’t LOVE your craft!
Although I’m currently making HEAT!!!!

INST: Do you feel that there is a difference when being called a producer or being called a beat maker?

El-Ra: A Producer Creates WHOLE ALBUMS. A Beatmaker Just Makes BEATS.

INST: Any tips, tricks, or advice that you’d like to share?

El-Ra: Whatever Your Passion Is Follow YOUR HEART!!!!! Stay true to yourself And You Will Progress Long Term!!!! Surround Yourself With PEOPLE That Think Like You And Want The same things in life no matter what COLOR they are!!!!

INST: Where can we hear your work?

El-Ra: Google (El-Ra Is Fonk-C) / SoundClound ( El-Ra Is Fonk-C)