Free Download Now Available!

Free Download Now Available!

 VerseAll does again with the remixtapes. This time VerseAll visits the 36 Chambers favorite rap group, the Wu-Tang Clan. This 14 track and one hidden track is full of remixed tracks, all produced by VerseAll. Free Download immediately from the link below. Enjoy!

  1. Rich says:

    Its a must to download this Verse All album : Wu Mixed.. Its a straight head banger..I love this joint
    You gotta have this in your classic collection..

  2. If you like huge bass, give these Beats an attempt – but you can find lots of caveats for people so as to recommend them

    If you’re to consider a rapid visual survey of high-street headphone fashion, you’d notice two brands appearing repeatedly: Apple, using its trademark white earphones; and Beats, with models for example the Beats Executive we have now here.

    The company, co-founded by former N.W.A. rapper Dr Dre, carries a solid track-record of producing desirable, stylish and punchy-sounding headphones, even so the Executives mark its first move into the high-flyer market.

    We imply literally, too, of these are noise-cancelling cans – and so are looking to turf the Bose QuietComfort 15s out in their seat in First Class.

    Beats Executive: Build quality
    The Beats Executives produce a cracking first impression. Open your box and you’re assigned a nice-looking and sturdy carry-case, two 3.5mm leads (one having a one-button remote/mic unit), batteries, an aeroplane adapter, 6.3mm plug, a cleaning cloth, as well as the usual manuals and marketing materials.

    Plus the headphones, certainly. And exactly what a set of two headphones they can be. Flawlessly made with stainless-steel and aluminium alloy, they drew admiring glances of all at work – and equally enthusiastic ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when individuals tried them on.

    The soft leather within the ear-cups (which lay on your ears as opposed to around them, because the Boses do) feels lovely and comfy, plus the leather headband doesn’t dig in. Likewise, though, they don’t grip your brain just like a vice; it is possible to nod your mind with full confidence. The Executives fold, too, the boon for almost any traveller.

    At 340g the Beats are heavier than their Bose counterparts (227g), but a shade lighter versus the likes of Logitech’s UE9000s (378g) along with the PSB M4U2s (362g). That might be understood as we’re being overly specific – but try wearing a couple of headphones more than a nine-hour flight and you’ll soon realise that each and every gram matters.

    The magnetic battery-compartment cover around the left earcup is a particularly nice touch. Not only does it look good and work effectively, it’ll probably keep working for a fair bit longer as opposed to usual plastic-catch mechanism you will find on these matters.

    Beats By Dr Dre Are Good
    On the best earcup will be the on/off switch along with a mute button. Push the large ‘b’ logo and also the Executives are muted (and also the noise-cancelling disabled) through your press – handy for hearing that last-call-for-drinks announcement before landing. It doesn’t pause whatever you’re playing, though…

    Before running in, we investigate Beats’ noise-cancelling abilities. Which brings us through to our initial couple of gripes: like many such designs, the Executives won’t work on all without getting activated (if your batteries go out, that’s not simply the final of your respective noise-cancellation, it’s the tip of one’s music too); then when they can be started up, there’s an annoyingly constant hiss.

    Do they filter out the bluster in the outside world? To some extent, yes. With music on you’ll be hard-pressed to listen for conversations surrounding you – but the tunes on pause you have a much bigger coming through compared to the Boses. And through everything, music you aren’t, is the fact continuous ‘ssssssssssssss’…

    Beats Executive: Sound quality
    Anyway, the show must continue on. We supply the Executives a shorter listen, pre-run in, to acquire a measure with their character.

    As you could expect, the bass is around the ‘phat’ side. These cans don’t stay away from giving low-frequencies their full attention – nevertheless they don’t have quite exactly the same attack as other models from the company’s range. The treble is quite sweet-sounding, though, and there’s nice detail to snare drums and cymbals.

    After a fantastic one day (and also a battery change), the sound settles on to itself. It’s more cohesive, but nevertheless lacks that punch and zing there we were wishing for. The bass can be as weighty as it ever was, however isn’t tight enough to actually profit the music move along – and that’s a waste, as the midrange is very pleasing.

    There’s decent detail to percussion, the best edges of snares and toms, and vocals use a nice, natural sound.

    Crank them up as well as the treble hardens a lot, with hi-hats and crash cymbals becoming rather harsh and brittle. Listening to mellower recordings mitigates this, even so the Beats really seem designed for pop – so it’s best if you keep your volume in order.

    Beats Executive: Verdict

    Overall, though, it’s a somewhat flat, tired-sounding performance – one that’s at odds with the remainder from the Beats we’ve heard. We want more agility only at that price; more pep, more attack and even more inside the way of dynamic range. There’s too little light and shade here, which masks a few of these cans’ real skills. There’s such a thing as too easygoing, and that’s the way it is here.

    We can forgive the Executives’ deficiency of neutrality, however.. They don’t develop the airiest or easiest sound in contrast to the Bose QuietComfort 15s. And neither can they accumulate for the Logitechs or PSBs within the ‘fun’ stakes – the two of these should have your toes tapping away using their more assured performances.

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