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  1. Chris Cook says:

    Hey VerseAll,

    Great site you’ve got here, I really enjoyed the recent Deep House mix post.

    I’m getting in touch to see if you’d be interested in writing about my new loop, sample and preset label, ModeAudio?

    We’re currently running a 3 for 2 offer across our entire range, plus giving away 350MB+ of our loops, samples, MIDI, presets and field recordings for free to new newsletter signups. Please feel free to check it out here:


    If you’re interested, I can get NFR packs to you for review, high-res images and press releases for posting and so on, just let me know what you’re interested in.

    Thanks for your time,


  2. Kid Bunka says:

    nice blog!

    peace from Switzerland.

    check out my beats.

    support if you like!

  3. jason miller says:

    I will be releasing a new album on Black Friday called BLAXPLOITATION FRIDAY: The Prequel EP. The album uses samples exclusively from Blaxploitation albums and artists inspired by Blaxploitation films and recordings. It is available to listen to or download for free at:


    Please take a listen and share if you can.

    Thank You,

    Jason Miller
    aka j the audiophile
    Philadelphia, PA
    Twitter/Instagram/Soundcloud: @jtheaudiophile
    beat representative at CrateStream.com

  4. i would be honored if you guys would feature my free 5 track beat tape on your site!!!
    i make all types of Hiphop original productions to sample productions
    I’m originally from PHX Arizona but moved to Brooklyn NY in 2013 to intern at the brewery recording studio in Brooklyn NY
    my IG and Twitter are JBYRDBEATS
    JBYRD on soundcloud
    link to the 5 track free download beat tape–https://soundcloud.com/justin-taylor-byrd/sets/free-download

    I’m just trying to paint a clear picture for upcoming artists to actually make some money instead of spending a arm and a leg for beats!

    thanks guys

    1 LOVE


  5. jordan says:

    Hey man can you hit me up and tell me how I can get featured and posted on your site, I’m also a producers

  6. Litman says:

    Hello VERSE*ALL,

    my name is Litman (cologne, germany) and I want to present my new beat tape “TRUE LEVEL”.

    I combined tons of samples with synth melodies and created some atmospheric stuff, which is hard to categorize. There is definitely a 90ies influence, but the sound goes beyond.

    It would be great if you take a listen to it and post it on your site!

    Here are the links:



    Social media:


    Thank you!

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